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I'm AJ Ashton

I mainly write high fantasy romance adventures, but I have also dabbled with Sci-fi and some horror.


Read my full Bio below. 

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A little more about me, born in the early '70s, an only child and raised in Derbyshire, UK. Was the quiet geeky shy girl at school. Loved anything to do with dinosaurs, sci-fi and fantasy. At seven, a strong princess being rescued by a notorious smuggler in a galaxy far, far away inspired my creativeness to write. From drawing to writing, I let my imagination fly. ​

Yet my primary passion has been writing stories and I have a box in the attic full of ones finished and unfinished. For a while, I only wrote sci-fi but found myself drawn to fantasy. My books are full of werewolves, vampires, witches, dwarfs, and elves. As well as sword play and a dabble of romance with strong female characters and cinnamon roll heroes. My books have inspired a complete fantasy world called Zentos. I hope you find it as wondrous as I do.

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