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World of Zentos Novels

Welcome to the world of Zentos. The books below will be all set in this world.

Outcast Origins is my debut novel and will introduce you to my world, here you will meet Lara, Derwyn and Carn for the first time.

Outcast New Beginnings is book 2 and continues the adventures of Lara, Derwyn and Carn.

Quest of the Stone, is a portal fantasy and tells the story of the legend of Moonstar about the Guardians of the Stone.


3D mock up of Outcast Origins eBook and Paperback

The Tarrenfall Chronicles is Lara’s story. She is the only surviving hybrid and has protected and raised her brother Derwyn to become a powerful lycan. But others don’t agree, wanting the abomination of a hybrid destroyed. Can Carn, a sword for hire, help Lara find a place where she can belong? As well as ensure that she and her brother can stop running.

Outcast image 1.jpg

New Beginnings

Lara Tarrenfall has left her homeland of Moonstar behind to start a new life with her brother Derwyn. After fifteen years, Barberium has given them more than they had ever hoped for. Derwyn has settled down, becoming a leading member of a pack, and made a family for himself. While Lara has become a renowned sword for hire and can set her own fees.

3D mock up of Outcast New Beginnings eBook and Paperback
Outcast image.jpg

Quest of
the Stone

3D mock up of Quest of the Stone eBook and Paperback

Evie is having the best time at a party, her designer dress giving her the confidence she needs. Then she meets her doppelgänger. She is older. Different. Before Evie can comprehend what is happening, she finds herself in a dark, rainy forest, in a strange world.

Finding shelter, she meets Garth, a renowned sword for hire. Also, the chosen Guardian to a band of honourable men and women who have vowed to protect the land of Moonstar from evil.

Quest image.jpg
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