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Autumn Fling

The crisp autumn air cooled Tom’s damp warm skin. He hated when he transformed back, in the middle of nowhere. He had to undress for the change but waking up here was a little embarrassing! He could see some lights through the trees, maybe he could find something there. Moving quickly he made his way as quietly as possible towards the housing estate. Smiling he noticed a full washing line. He ran from behind an oak tree towards it, pleased that someone had left out their washing from the day before. Checking no one was around he quickly pulled down the dewy jeans and vest and ran back to the shelter of the woods. Out of sight, Tom pulled on the jeans; a bit snug but they would do, and then the vest. He knew where he was, and it wouldn’t take long to get back to his apartment. It was pretty early so there weren’t many people about.

Damp orange and brown leaves stuck to Tom’s feet. He would be glad when he could get a shower. The cold autumn air didn’t seem to bother him; he needed the shower to cool down! His muscles were burning, from transforming from his wolf alter ego. What had he been doing last night? Reaching his ground floor flat he quickly climbed in through his rear window; the same one he had jumped from the night before. There were his clothes on the floor, a couple of items torn. Tom knew he shouldn’t have worked late, that he should have given himself time to prepare! He glanced across to the spare room where the re-enforced cage was. Normally he was home early enough to strip and chain himself up inside. At least that way he never got into any mischief!

Removing the borrowed clothes he stood under the cool shower. The water pooled around his feet as the leaves blocked the plug hole. Pulling them free, he closed his eyes and let the water flow over his rugged features. Then he froze, remembering vivid green eyes and snuggling up against soft grey fur. A smile touched his cheeks; a female. He hadn’t come across one of those since last year. Tom had called her his autumn fling. Was she back in town?

Switching off the shower a scent began to invade his nostrils. Wrapping the towel around his torso he walked into the lounge and there she was, his green-eyed autumn girl. She smiled. It seemed the next new moon was going to be fun.

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