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Writing a new world of ideas

So, I have started to write a series of books and in the process, world-building a full fantasy world. I have taken all the lands I had developed over the years and connected them into one universe. It has been very interesting connecting them all and even having ideas for a new land too. But with them all, I am trying to make sure the world holds the same laws, history, and legends that may have been mentioned in the other stories. It is fun connecting all my once stand-alone stories into one world. Of course, that also means going back to them all and rewriting to make sure the worlds connect.

One I have easter eggs to my series of books and a stand-alone one. I have even with book three pulled some of the characters from the stand-alone into it. I also have possibilities with the two main characters from these books to interact again and in the future. Both have long lives and being in the same world they could cross paths over the years and that really excites me.

The fun bit is putting those little easter eggs in there, and I am hoping when I get readers, they will see these and think, hold on isn’t that? Of course, they also work on their own and the easter eggs are just character builds. But for the readers that read all my books, they will hopefully see the connection.

With all of this and working out the laws of my creatures and races. I have started to work on a bestiary that helps to keep my facts in check and could end up being an additional book for my readers to help with the law of the world I have built.

Where this will go, I don’t know but I am enjoying building this world and making it feel as real as I can. I think it also helps when you have a character you just want to keep exploring and don’t want to let them go.

You may also see posts on here, of facts on my races and the world to give my readers an even deeper insight into my vision of a world I am just wanting to use more and more.

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