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The Tunnel

Tate closed his eyes for a few seconds trying to block out the passenger's voices. The train swayed for a second as it entered a tunnel. He reopened his eyes, why couldn’t he hear anything? He looked around, the carriage was empty. Someone’s mobile began to ring, he turned towards it.

Tate feeling nervous picked it up. “Yes?”

For a moment there was silence, then a voice whispered, “What have you done.”

Tate instantly put the phone down, as if it were scalding hot. As soon as he let go of it, the mobile rang again. This time when he picked it up, he said nothing, after a few moments the voice whispered again.

Tate pressed the end call and within seconds it began to ring again. So he switched the phone off. Then moments later another phone began to ring. Tate strode up the carriage and switched it off.

The doors at either end of the carriages began to open and close repeatedly, Tate able to hear other mobile phones ringing throughout the train. Tate grabbed a headrest when the train suddenly shuddered to a halt. Instantly everything stopped. He glanced towards the windows hoping to see a station, but only darkness, then the train shuddered forward again and quickly picked up speed. In the eerie silence, Tate wondered had someone got off or on?

“Hello, Mr Tate.”

Startled he turned and was facing one of the men who had hired him. Tate swallowed trying not to look unnerved. “Mr Smith.”

“You have something for us.”

Tate nodded, removing the bag with a severed thumb, from his pocket. “Here you are. As you can see from the tattoo, I killed the correct individual.”

Mr Smith nodded as he studied the contents. “Good, the body?”

“No connection to me, so none to you.”


Tate studied Smith. “Do you know where we are?”

Smith smiled, placing the bag in his pocket. “Oh, yes.”


“Let me explain. The individual that you so effectively disposed of has been a large thorn in our sides for many years.”

“So where are we?”

“This is a between world, a place between your dimension and ours. You see for years you have been disposing of evil from your world and in this job you have excelled yourself.” Smith pursed his lips. “But I have to confess, you didn’t kill evil this time, you have helped it.”

“What?” Tate’s heart stuck in his throat.

“You see you have managed to kill the one individual who has kept our two dimensions apart. Now that he is dead, well, there is no stopping us!”

Something caught Tate’s eye, he turned to see lights in the distance, they had left the tunnel.

“Thank you for releasing us.”

Smith left, slowly Tate turned, as the train pulled to a stop in the station. He saw a woman who had been on the train when he had boarded. She glance at him, just as a demonic creature swooped down from the roof and ripped her apart. What had he done!

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